Survey Questions

  Not Applicable Very Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Somewhat Satisfied Mostly Satisfied Very Satisfied
How did you feel about the time it took to be greeted and acknowledged with your eyewear purchase?
How satisfied were you that the sales associate was able to help you select the best product for your needs?
How satisfied are you that your eyewear looks good and fits comfortably?
How satisfied were you with our ability to accurately make your eyewear to your prescription?
How satisfied were you with our ability to have your eyeglasses or contact lenses ready when promised?
If you received your eye exam with us, how satisfied were you with the overall quality of the exam?
Based on the price you paid and the quality and service you received, how do you feel about the overall value of your eyeglasses or contact lens purchase?
How satisfied are you that the next time you purchase glasses or contact lenses, you will return?



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